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Transitioning to Smart Technologies for Businesses

Source: Pexels By Takalani Malivha  The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and institutions are positioning themselves to participate and lead their industries in the deployment of 4IR technology. The definition of this industrial revolution is not quite set in...

Defining The 4th Industrial Revolution

The History of Industrial Revolutions   We are currently in the initial phase of the fourth industrial revolution. The world has witnessed three industrial revolutions over the past 250 years.   Industrial revolutions usher in major socio-economic shifts....

Skills of the future: Gaming – the next Frontier

By Kendal Makgamathe Like most kids who grew up in a township in the 90s, Mxolisi Xaba spent his days after school, honing his skills as a gamer. If it wasn’t feeding coin after coin into a hungry slot in an arcade game, it was swooping on his opponents ‘cows’ in a...


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